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Hydrovacs are specialized trucks that use high-pressure water and a vacuum system to safely excavate and remove dirt, debris, and other materials from underground areas. They are commonly used for potholing, trenching, and locating utilities.

Vac Trucks, Combo Vacs, Straight Vacs & Semi Vacs

Vacuum trucks are heavy-duty vehicles equipped with powerful pumps and suction systems to remove liquids, sludge, and solids from industrial tanks, sewers, and other confined spaces. They are often used for waste management and environmental clean-up.

Combo vacuum trucks combine the capabilities of both hydrovacs and vacuum trucks, allowing them to handle a wider range of materials and applications. They are particularly useful for projects that require both excavation and waste removal.

Steamer Units

Steamer units utilize hot water to clean debris, build up and any other hazardous build up on machinery, heavy equipment and/ or facilities.

Mobile Living Quarters VAC Attack

Mobile Living Quarters

Mobile living quarters for crews in remote areas that can accommodate your staff comfortably for an extended period of time.

Light Stands

Mobile light stands to support our clients visibility needs for any and all scopes of projects. These are serviced and prepared for our clients to utilize for a safe and visible work site.

Water Trucks

Water trucks are versatile vehicles used to transport and distribute water for a variety of purposes, including dust suppression, fire protection, and construction. They are equipped with large tanks and spray systems that can deliver water to precise locations.

About Us

At VAC Attack Ltd, we are dedicated to providing reliable and efficient industrial services to meet our customers’ needs.


Our team values the relationships we have with our clients and take pride in ensuring our values align with theirs. All of our employees are like a family to us and with that supportive and encouraging environment we are able to perform efficiently and effectively.

23 Years in Business

We have been operating for over 23 years as VAC Attack and have grown from a single unit to over 20 in that time period.


Conveniently located in central Alberta, we are serving British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.


Safety is our top priority and we truly believe that a safe operation provides our clients peace of mind as well as the most effective project execution. We continuously invest in our HSE program to remain top of our industry and maintain a workplace everyone can be proud of.

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